Tribute by Merri Ansara, Common Ground Travel

Merri Ansara of Common Ground Educational and Travel Services sent out this tribute to Mayito on Monday, July 7 to the 5,000 people on her organization’s contact list (it also included a photo of Mayito). Many of them had heard Mayito speak while on trips to Cuba or had seen the scale-model of the city. Merri said she received “words of affection, sadness and admiration” in response.

A few hours before dawn today, July 7, 2014,Mario Coyula, brilliant architect and urban visionary, poet, writer, veteran of the urban struggle for the Cuban Revolution, and dear friend to so many of us, died in the Ameijeiras Hospital in Havana. He leaves his wife Marta, son Miguel, daughter Mariana, his grandchildren and his much loved friends and colleagues. Burial is today in Colon Cemetery. He will be missed and he will continue to be loved.


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