Celebrating the Life of Mario Coyula

Mario Coyula’s life was celebrated at a memorial event on Nov. 1, 2014 at the New School in New York City.  Here is the program of the event, including links to most of the presentations.


  • Michael Cohen, The New School

Mario Coyula’s Life

  • Tribute to Mario by Lucía López Coll, read by Alexia Lalli (Spanish and English). Spanish version originally published by IPS.
  • Visual overview of Mario’s life by Isabel Rigol (PowerPoint with English titles). It was orignally prepared for the Sept. 4 tribute to Mario in Havana, and was expanded and English title added for the Nov. 1 memorial.

 Mario’s professional achievements

  • Lee Cott (English)
  • Eusebio Leal via video (Spanish with English subtitles).  At the Sept. 4 tribute to Mario in Havana, Eusebio Leal – who had been recovering from surgery – made a surprise appearance. He is the Havana’s official historian, and his office is in charge of the historic preservation of Old Havana and several other key areas of the city.

 Mario’s family, friends and co-workers

 Marta Aquino

Personal tributes




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