Works by Mario

Short biographies of Mario in English and Spanish

Short one-page professional biographies of Mario Coyula in English and Spanish. They are based, in part, on the Summary Curriculum Vitae and Long CV listed below.

Curriculum Vitae, Summary (4 pages): SÍNTESIS CV 2014

Curriculum Vitae, full (45 pages): CV largo

Articles  ♦   Books

Encaribe: Enciclopedia de Historia y Cultura del Caribe (Encyclopedia of Caribbean History and Culture) has a summary of Mario’s career, a short bibliography and several photos, including of Mario with his co-authors of Havana: Two faces of the Antillean Metropolis, the scale model of Havana, and the Mausoleum of the March 13 Martyrs in the Colon Cemetery (click on “more images”). For a rough English translation, click the “select language” drop-down menu at the upper left at the google symbol.

The Cuban magazine Temas  has posted items by or about Mayito.   See selections from his writings in Temas and  his presentations at the monthly events held on the last Thursday of each month.


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